October 03, 2022 2 min read

With back to school and our desks now in full swing we're all starting to notice the need to get up and stretch more often during our working hours.

Taking a quick movement break is not only beneficial to our body, our brains need it too! Movement supplies brain cells with oxygen, promotes the production of new brain cells, and aids in creating new synapses.

Easy desk stretches

We asked Jessica to share her ultimate deskercise routine with her favorite desk stretches, for the days when you're pushed for time, but still want to add in a little movement to release tension and breathe in new energy.

1. Seated cat/cow, timed with your breath, keeping your hands on knees for traction.


2. Clasp hands behind back and open chest.Keep hands clasped and snuggle them up on the right side of your body, with the left forearm pressing into the low back. drop right ear to right shoulder and breath for 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the other side.


3. Place your right ankle on left knee and with a flexed foot, lean forward and breathe into the right hip and glute muscles. Repeat on the other side.


4. Cross your right leg over your left, place your left hand to right knee, right hand behind you, spine is long. Twist to the right. Uncross legs, cross left over right and twist to the other side.





Now stand up, take a stroll to the coffee machine and enjoy that latte your promised yourself earlier!

And if you're looking for a longer movement break why not try a Grace and Flow on-demand class, available for you anytime, anywhere, 24/7 online.


Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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