August 02, 2022 2 min read

Summer is the period when all the crazy stuff is reasonable: you’re free to do whatever you like and want, and nobody’s going judge you. So think it over, and here are several ideas for inspiration:

  1. Riding a Bike: renting a bike is a cool way to explore a new city in summer; also, a bike ride gives a completely different view of your home city. Kelowna is filled with bike rental schemes and a ride on the Myra Canyon Trestles is a must along with biking down Silver Star and Big White Mountain.

  2. Hiking: the classic camping activity is an awesome opportunity to reconnect with nature, recharge your inner battery, admire beautiful landscapes, and benefit your health as well. This is one our favorite way to reconnect with our surroundings.

    I’ve been moving my time to exercise to early mornings or as the sun is setting, taking advantage of the cooler temperatures and gentle breeze. Lots of time spent in the shade - one of my favorite places to hike is BX Falls in Vernon where you can dip your feet into the creek and stay under the forest canopy.  

  3. Camping: building tents, making a fireplace, cooking from what you’ve found in the wild, sharing the dinner with family or friends, sleeping among the stars – what summer activity can be more romantic than camping?

Summer Fun

Also, consider fulfilling your summer vacation in these ways here in the Okanagan;

  1. Swimming in the lakes...we'll leave the skinny dipping entirely your choice!

  2. Zip-lining at the downtown beaches and up in the mountains.

  3. Horse-riding

  4. Stand-up paddleboarding - for those with killer cores. An evening paddle board and swim creates wonderful memories and cools your nervous system (as well as your body!)

  5. Hiring a boat and simply relaxing onboard, embracing the calming water.

  6. Joining us for our outdoor yoga summer series at  Predator Ridge - need we say more?!


We recently added a puppy to our family, and he is teaching us the benefit of energetic play this summer blended with resting in the cool shade. I hope you find just as much joy in the quiet restful moments as in the excitement of the Okanagan summer - make it your own, live it, love it and start fulfilling that lifelong bucket list.

Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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