December 11, 2022 2 min read

The things we criticize ourselves about are both universal and part of being human. If you notice the inner stream of criticism getting a little heavier than normal, remember that we ALL get it, and to go easy on yourself. Success is cyclical and so are you. 


When a person gets stressed out by work, relationships, commuting, kids etc., we produce more of the stress hormone cortisol. When produced constantly, cortisol affects the nervous system and our reflexes, concentration and memory. Ever feel super clumsy after a stressful day or occurrence? That’s cortisol flooding your system.


The good news? You CAN heal your nervous system and help lower cortisol levels pretty easily, with yoga! An important part of yoga is breathing, movement and relaxation, which activates the part of the nervous system responsible for breathing and heart rate. As a result, your cortisol levels decrease and your body starts to produce more of the feel-good hormones (dopamine and serotonin to name a couple). 


Practice yoga this week and notice your shift in your mood and energy, lower your cortisol and heal your nervous system ✨🙏🏻 for a more improved sense of well-being, better focus, and heightened creativity. Since two other documented practices that boost self-compassion ~ mindfulness and self-kindness ~ are incorporated into your yoga practice, you are also being super-efficient!


Go easy on yourself! ♥️ remember that success is cyclical and doesn’t happen with a constant push/hustle (a lesson I have to remind myself of often).


Learn more about the nervous system and how your body heals itself with pranayama, movement and other techniques at intentional yoga teacher training with our sister co. The Yoga Science School starting Jan 14, 2023. Message me for more details - now accepting enrollment.


Happy holidays Gracies! 

xx Jess

Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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