September 22, 2021 2 min read

Fall Equinox, equal length of day and night. 

I never used to pay that much attention to the season change or equinox/solstice time. But over the last five years or so, as I've learned to pay attention to my body and to spend more time in nature, I really make a point to pause, listen to my body and feel the energy around me during these special astronomical times. As an anxious person running on a high frequency all. the. time. ~ this practice helps to anchor me to the earth and what is happening around me.

Today is the Fall Equinox, where the length of the day and the night are equal. It also marks the start of Libra season, whose energy supports leadership, fresh starts, and setting off on a new path. Harness this 💫 magical energy and take time to reflect on where you have landed in the present moment, which can give you the courage to carve out a new path forward.

One scientific tidbit from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is that our atmosphere bends sunlight a bit, essentially stretching it over a slightly greater area of land. So hang on to this simple, sweet thought: There’s always a bit more daylight than darkness on Earth, as a whole.

I love the equinox because it is a good reminder that we are dark and light, Yin and Yang. Acknowledging this can help us create balance, set boundaries, and push past fears. We can invite in practices that help us embrace the energies of the season, in a graceful way. Let's turn our focus inwards, tune in + connect using the rhythms of Mother Nature 💫 A wise person once said “be where your feet are”. Wishing you blessings today and always.


Author ~ Jessica Nobrega

Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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