November 08, 2021 2 min read

The Power of a Morning Ritual

I’m a coffee lover just like the rest of you, but spoiler alert: a morning ritual isn’t coffee.  A morning ritual is a set of non-negotiables that set you up for success, daily. A ritual has helped me BIG TIME, because left to my own devices I am lazy and likely to procrastinate. And this doesn’t have to be a 21-step routine either.

“A few key things in the morning are all you need to raise your vibrations, set a positive mindset, and stay energized all day. I have read books and listened to podcasts where the author allots 2 hours or more to their morning routine, but let’s be real, ain’t nobody got time for that.”

My recipe for a powerful morning routine:

  • Start your morning routine the night before:
    1. Go to bed early and treat it as one of the most important things you will do all day.
    2. Set up a bottle of water either next to your bed or in the bathroom so you can be ready to chug when you get up. Helps to flush out your system and hydrate you before you get busy and forget to drink any water. Extra points if it's lemon water.
    3. Make a conscious decision to wake up at your set time, annnd to not hit snooze.
  • Wake up as early as possible. I have been setting my alarm for 5:55am lately but actually waking up before my alarm on most mornings. The hard part is not hitting snooze but since you made up your mind the night before you are good to go! I like to wiggle my toes and notice how they feel in the sheets before I slither out of bed. Brush your teeth, wash your face, tongue scrape (if you know you know), and pound your water.
  • Move your body. Do a few yoga stretches, push-ups, go for a walk. Some mornings are more energetic than others and that’s ok. Get your blood and energy flowing. You are going to have to push yourself, even when your mind is virtually yelling at you to quit and go back to bed. Discipline will be required and it will take training and practice. You will be so glad you did.
  • Read your list of goals, intentions, mission statement, whatever you call your roadmap that gives you purpose and direction. If you don’t have a list of what drives you, spend a few minutes writing one that highlights the essence of who you are and reminds you of your worth.
  • Meditate. I use Insight Timer but there are other apps out there, or you can play music or sit in silence. This is basically training the mind, just as you did with the body. Even 5-10 minutes to breathe, welcome this new day, and think about what you are grateful for will help you start your day with a calm, positive mindset.

Some people find these rituals to be sacred, and help them find a moment of bliss. Ignore your email, your phone, and take the time to set yourself up for a positive and successful day. Raise your vibrations and stay energized – All. Day.  

Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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