December 10, 2021 3 min read

Yoga Lovers Gift Guide

For people who love yoga, it is more than a weekly activity, it’s a lifestyle! So while you might not know what kind of in-studio class pack to get them, you can still treat them with some essentials and a few luxury items. Here are our fave picks for the yogi in your life!


1.A good yoga mat and mat spray help keep you gripping and feeling good about your practice. There is nothing worse than:

a. a slippery mat, or

b. a mat that you don't feel good about! A yogi and their mat develop a special bond so make sure you put some thought into it.

We recommend the Lush Valley Lifestyle all natural cork yoga mat, and our own handmade Grace & Flow mat spray in our Yoga Love Box

2.This may seem a little personal, but any yoga lover will be thrilled with a supportive, soft and cute sports bra. We have one at Grace & Flow that we absolutely LOVE (and trust me we do a LOT of yoga over here) that any yoga or fitness lover will be thrilled with. Shop the Grace & Flow Sports Bra here.

3.Natural deodorant is pretty much a must for yogi's, because we sweat but don't want to use any harsh chemicals on our skin, especially near the delicate lymph glands of the armpits. There are lots of great local brands out there but we are crushing on Bare Nature's aluminum-free Tangerine Deodorant. Smells like a citrus dream!

4. Bath bombs, bath salts, bath anything is amazing, whether you love yoga or not. Something about soaking your sore muscles after a workout or yoga class feels incredible. Yummy Citrus Bath Bombs at the Fill Store are less than $6 each and super cute as a stocking stuffer. For those that want more than a one-per-bath option, my go-to bath salts is Back to Earth's Tranquility Bath Salts with Kisolite glacial clay.

5. Shampoo and Conditioner bars have taken off this year because not only are they replacing plastic containers, they actually do a good job (yay!). Our friends Lisa & Alexa started a company based out of Vancouver called Good Juju that has the most incredible shampoo and conditioner bars, your yogi in your life will thank you! You may also want to snag some for yourself :)

6. Is the yogi in your life looking to expand their knowledge of yoga? The Bhagavad Gita is a five thousand year-old text that is the best known and most famous of Hindu texts, that depicts a conversation between Prince Arjuna and Lord Krishna just before a great war that delivers enlightenment for the young Prince. Guaranteed you can find a copy at your local book store but here is a link to the book on Amazon just so you can take a peek. 

Luxury Items:

7. Okay so one of my absolute favorite things in not only my yoga practice but in life is my lavender eye pillow. I carry this baby around with me everywhere! I travel with it, meditate with it and place on my eyes for a quick pick me up. Add a meditation pillow to the mix and you are set for bliss wherever you go! The inspiring mother-daughter duo Minda and Chloe at Lush Valley Lifestyle handmake these heat-able eye pillows by hand, right here in the Okanagan. 

8. Super soft athletic wear may seem like something you can find easily, but trust me, we have tried a lot of athletic clothing over our years as yoga instructors, and not all are created equal. That is why we created our own line of super-soft, high-quality G&F leggings. They hold everything in where they are supposed to, offer stretch and support, and are in the cutest colors. Your yogi will love them. 

9. For those cozy yin practices or to snuggle up in savasana, we recommend a soft and quick-drying Turkish towel from Pokoloko. They are easy to fold up and carry along to a yoga class, great for the beach, and anti-microbial so they dry really well after a shower. Plus they look adorable! Check out our fave Turkish Towels here.  

10. The last-but-not-least item on the list is Knotted Word Signs super-popular handmade Inhale-Exhale signs. These beautiful wooden signs are great for a daily mediation ritual or to place on your desk for a daily reminder to take a deep breath. These beautiful signs can be found in our Grace & Flow Gift Boxes while quantities last.

Shop Grace & Flow Gift Boxes

Happiest of holidays to you and to the yogi's in your life! We hope you find peace and joy during this time with friends, family and loved ones, and that you honour yourself with a little time to just... breathe.

Namaste my friends!



Jessica Nobrega
Jessica Nobrega

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